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About Us

Founded in 1997, Cherrytel Communicaciones works in two business areas: As a Communications Consultancy and an Internet Service Provider. The company is 100% domestically owned and has 5 branches: Málaga, Madrid, Córdoba, Cadiz and Seville.

Cherrytel's objective is to work with their clients to develop cost-effective plans based on an in-depth knowledge of their core business. Our methodology meets ISO 9001 requirements and therefore makes us the perfect partner for maximising the profitability of any project.

The main phases in Cherrytel's working methodology are:

  1. In-depth study of the client's business model.
  2. Proposal of activities based on the needs identified.
  3. Plan implementation: Product design and engineering.
  4. Provision of infrastructure and a more profitable positioning management.
  5. Results assessment, analysis and redirection of any variances that may arise.

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