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Landing Page Design

For a Landing Page to give the best results it must be made with clear targets, whatever being a direct buying or a contact recall through a form.

We at Cherrytel do know all the necessary keys to focus on a 110% effective landing page. Key points like these:

  1. Títle/headings. Even most important than any web page, a landing page needs an attractive but also clear and easy to read title, outstanding over the content.
  2. Features. We cannot forget to include all relevant data of the product to promote if we are focused on direct e-commerce, but we also have to keep in mind that these data need to be well organised, able for an easy read on any platform. Text must be compact and clear.
  3. Form. It is the basic key of every conversion, and thus it is imperative to make it easy for the visitor to cumpliment - the way to conversion cannot be difficult in any manner.
  4. Call To Action. It is necessary to define a clear CTA inviting visitor to click on the desired content. We must pay careful attenting on setting the right shape, text, colors and size of the action button.
  5. Be clear and compact. For all those objectives to accomplish it is important for the page to be clear, focused on the function, and showing only the relevant content.

Here you can see some samples of our works:

landing page windowsphone

landing page diseño web malaga

landing page ecommerce

landing page ecommerce b2c

landing page baeza centenario

landing page baeza centenario formula 1

landing page fusion yachts academia

landing page fusion yachts club