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Google Adwords Advertising

Google Adwords Transparent Management

Google Adwords advertising is the fastest way to attract clients through the internet.

Before an Adwords advert is created and published on Google and its associated search networks, the search words (keywords) to be used in the advert must be chosen, the amount paid per click and the daily and monthly budget of each Google campaign decided.

Cherrytel has developed a campaign tracking system which allows us to offer clients transparency on all campaign transactions. The client is directly invoiced by Google, with no intermediaries as Cherrytel acts solely as the advertising campaign manager.

Our campaigns involve exhaustive studies on the choice of words. We understand that each product is different and therefore has different advertising needs; we offset the competition within the same search.

For further information about the Google Adwords advertising system, visit the Google Adwords website.

Nuestros Miembros Cualificados

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Cherrytel Comunicaciones has a team of certified Adwords Qualified Professionals. Two team members have been certified by Google to handle advertising campaigns on the search engine.