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Hosted on Cherrytel High Availability servers, our customers are granted the following services:

  • Website Hosting
  • Database Hosting
  • DNS services
  • Emails services

Hosting Plans

  Microenterprise Administered Pyme Administered UNLIMITED Pyme Administered
Website Hosting 1 domain 1 domain 2 domains
Disk Quotas : 5GB 10GB UNLIMITED*
Email Accounts: 5 Accounts with 1GB 15 Accounts with 1GB UNLIMITED*
BBDD: 1 BBDD with 1GB 2 BBDD with 1Gb UNLIMITED*
FTP Accounts: 1 Account 2 Accounts UNLIMITED*
Transfers per month: 5 GB 10 GB UNLIMITED*
Virtualmin Control Panel :  Alojamiento web - hosting profesional - alojamiento hosting - stick Servidores virtuales - stick Servidores virtuales - stick
1) Exceeding disk space quota will be charged at 0.5€/MB.
2) Exceeding monthly transfer will be charged at 15€/GB. (*) The Unlimited consumptions insofar as no leading more than 2% of the Server total resources.

Contact us for further information about our Hosting services.

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