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Alarde Danza

Alarde Danza

Ecommerce Development B2C.

Alarde Danza Compagny, a national modal in the sale and distribution of clothes of oriental dances, developed their on-line sale, by Cherrytel.

Sales expectations on such a vertical market are very ambitious,Before this situation, by agreeing in this channel, great part of growth expectations of the company.

Functionalities of the application:

This application is structured in two different usage environments, although related.

From the perspective of the public access, the application manage and present a virtual store dedicated to sales of products related to the ethnic dance,also include information about news of the world of dance, training content,artists information, etc.

Adittionally,besides manage the proper web content, a complete environment of comercial management is developed, tha allow to support a invoicing system, and a stock control,not only of the sales marchandise via web, but also the transaction of the dance clothes and accessories of the wholesale store.

Graphic design:

Personalized design, based on the brand's corporate image embellished with motifs that will evoke the oriental dance world.

Clasic structure design with 3 columns that give, robustness and order, that the web need, so that the user feel comfortable at the login and can find and buy what he wants.

Software developlment :

This application is devloped

The application was developed using a programming code proper of Cherrytel, based in PHP 5 language and MySQL conectivity with Data Base.

Integration of systems and communications:

The application is installed on a specific VPS server of the client based on a CentOS 6.x. operating system.

Puesto que el sistema, al incluir la gestión en la nube de toda la información de gestión empresarial, requiere unos altos parámetros de disponibilidad y seguridad, la aplicación se hospeda en los servidores de alta disponibilidad de nuestro nodo propio en Málaga.

Since the system, on having included the management in the cloud of all the information of business management, requires a few high parameters of availability and security, the application is hosted in servers with high availability of our node in Málaga.

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